Dec 05, 2021

/ whoami

Where is the Nintendo Controller!

I don't know where it is! Where did you leave it? Don't tell me you left it deep in some other page where I wrote so much stuff that you'll never find it?! You really have to stop losing the controllers... It's around here. Have a look on some other pages; it'll turn up.

Do You Dare to Enter my Homepage?

It's possible that you would prefer the light weight, sensible structure of other pages you can find beyond links in the right side menu. Feel free to click that red X and ignore whatever seisure inducing madness is beyond this backdoor.

I am div_selector and I enjoy open software, vaporwave music, and cyberpunk stories. A good portion of my mental processing these days are rooted in escapism from the awful reality of the times we live in.

I always actively wanted to enjoy technology but I don't like the way it has become. I feel cheated by capitalism, which haunts my brain with nostalgic memories of my child hood. I feel manipulated still as not a week passes tht something from my youth is not being shat out and sold back to screaming fans who will pay for it eagerly. I am not a screaming fan these days.

I miss art. I miss cinema. I miss creative websites. I miss an Internet that was an escape and not a trap. I miss everything from before the machine of Big Data had pushed existence in this direction.

My only hope is to fall out and away from it where I can -- to intentionally distort reality into something distant, alien, terrifying, and comforting. These pages are an extention of that.

This page implements basic state with only CSS.