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These are dumb, esoteric, and/or experimental pages that are written by hand (mostly) with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Most of these are not intended to be taken seriously; they are all just for fun.

  1. I am the developer and admin of neorings.org, a networking platform where you can host your own webrings, join your pages to other webrings. Here is page explaining how to use the neorings API to make a custom webring home page.

  2. I wrote a fake operating system site in React that I turned into a silly game: XP Service Pack 4. Close all the popups before too many fill the screen and crash the system. After winning, you can configure the speed, and victory/lose conditions. General nostalgia vibes. [source]

  3. I've been experimenting with writing terrible fiction to show off my in-app dictionary. It's completely portable but has an amount of edge case jank I may or may not fix one day.

  4. I have something of an interest in terminal interfaces rendered in web clients. This started with the legacy terminal, which has the power to modify this theme. You'll also find one on the XP site mentioned above which supports absoloute and relative path traversal and implements a tree data structure.

  5. For a while I focused on statically generating a more serious tech blog in python with pelican. I wrote a few cool posts on it, modified some themes, wrote some plugins, but I don't really update it anymore. [source].

  6. I have a couple archaic web designs I've unearthed from archive.org: l33tkid and tablenest. The latter was used on the first real website I ever had back in 2003. If you're a webmaster who's into the whole web nostalgia thing, feel free to steal them. But bear in mind: they are genuinely old.

  7. I have a somewhat large collection of Discord emotes that I scraped and backed up here. Feel free to use them. I've also engaged in other innocuous Discord lulz.

  8. I have a demonstration of AES encryption applied to the content of a web page using mkdocs; however, in this implementation, there is a flaw that reveals the password. Can you find it?

  9. Super Nintendo romhacking is cool. I wrote a Super Mario World romhack scraper that handles downloading and patching. It has a TUI launcher that can be configured to use Retroarch. I also wrote searchable game guide for my favorite Final Fantasy VI romhack.

  10. I wrote a vanilla JS state manager that demonstrates the factory and singleton design patterns. You definitely shouldn't use it in production.

  11. When I first made this page, I had a stronger aversion to Javascript and I did some demonstrations of stateful CSS. This is undeniably a case of, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should."

  12. The oldweb movement has something of an obsession with manifestoes. I don't have one, and I've included a two part explanation why: The Great Way Doesn't Mean Anything

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